Hello brothers & sisters 

My name is Pastor Paul. I live and serve in Myanmar as a pastor to many of the villages where most of the people (who are Buddhist) have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ.

When (in 1988) I was a boy of 12 I became a born again Christian and heard God’s call to preach the gospel to the unreached Buddhist people in the villages. I had and still have a burning desire to bring them the freedom in Jesus Christ. So at the age of 12 I would go village to village tellIng the Good News of Jesus Christ to any one who would listen.

When I was old enough and was able, I went to seminary at Bangalore Bible Institute and Seminary and graduated in 2003 with an MDiv in Theology. I was ordained as a Lutheran pastor in 2007 and have been preaching to the Buddhist people of Myanmar ever since.

Blessings Amen
Pastor Paul


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